Outside of frames, I have always had a style all my own; against the grain, colorful and abstract, boldly and supremely confident – you can’t tell me nothing. Yet my hunt for frames was always painfully underwhelming. ​ They were either too expensive or too basic and boring. Something had to give.

In the fall of 2016, after another failed online search for frames, my relentless ambition lit up like a light-bulb!  I was already a “DIY-er” in throwing events so why not jump out there and get it for myself and launch my own eyewear?  Why not start my own frame collection and quit leaning on the eyewear industry to push my style?  "Lets GET IT" I thought!  My very next thought was Mike Frames by Mike James and the journey has begun.  

I researched the industry, followed the major players, combed every detail and studied the trends.  One particular fact kept popping up; the reason eyeglasses are so expensive is because one company (that I will not name, no free pub) has a monopoly over the eyewear industry and can set the price point however they choose.  They purchase the rights/licensing to the major fashion brands like Gucci or Tom Ford or Ray Ban, slap on their label then mark them up 500%.  They also purchase eyewear stores like Sunglass Hut and LensCrafters and only sell their frames exclusively.  What a business model!!

Where there is lack, there is opportunity. Why not sell frames of the same quality, durability, and style at a fraction of the industry price point? Therein lies the space that Mike Frames Eyewear will live. My forever mission is to design and provide frames that are of the best quality and of the best “fly” at a reasonable price point that screams confidence.


​And here we are…


Mike James Jr